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Red X Fins - Try Fins

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from $64.95


Option Availability:
Proteck fins 4" grom
Proteck fins 4.5" All Around fin

Price includes 3 x fins and screws.
The standard overall lightweight fin for all types of surfers.
A blend of composite material combined with the highest
possible content of glass-fibre mix.


X-1 (104mm x 111mm) Sold Out

X-2 (111mm x 115mm) Sold Out

X-3 (118mm x 119mm) Sold out

X-4 (114mm x 117mm) Sold out

X-5 (113mm x 114mm) Sold out

X-6 (114mm x 120mm) Sold out

X-7 (111mm x 115mm) SOLD OUT

Proteck fins 4" Grom (102mm x 95mm)  11 sets left

Proteck fins 4'5" All Around Size (115mm x 110mm) 10 sets left

XL -1 (91mm x 88mm) 48 sets left Longboard side fins - no middle fin

XL-2 (91mm x 88mm) 24 sets left Longboard side fins - no middle fin - This is the same size fin as XL-1 but it has an angle.

We also have 1 x trailer fin, 6 sets of Large fibreglass Keel twin fins, MR type fibreglass large fin (both side foiled),  1 x Twin fin ( left) and

Bonza Fins.

Please note:

Red X fins are no longer in production.

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