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Red X Fins - Single Fin X1 X2 X3 X6 X7

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Option Availability:
X1 X2 X7

Please check the stock list below. We only have limited fins left.

Please note Red X fins Left is FCS's right and right is FCS's Left.

We reccomend to check the photo provided to make sure you oder the right side.

Please click here to order 3 x fins set only X-1 size available.

Fin sizes

X-1 (104mm x 111mm) 2 x Centre, 3 x Right

X-2 (111mm x 115mm) 1 x Left, 5 x Centre 

X-3 (118mm x 119mm) SOLD

X-4 (114mm x 117mm) SOLD

X-5 (113mm x 114mm) SOLD

X-6 (114mm x 120mm) SOLD

X-7 (111mm x 115mm) 1 x Left 

Avaiable fins

Note: Red X fins left and right is other way around to FCS and other brand fin system.

please check the photo provided.

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